convergence ~ the art of unity ~ order in chaos in order in chaos ~ twin peaks
unconscious subcurrents ~ bridge building ~ parallax ~ ripple effect ~ echoes in sine
the face beneath the mask ~ harmony ~ simultaneous coincidence ~ alchemy
meaningful accidents ~ enigma ~ dream connections ~ sound and vision
flow and frequency ~ fate and chance

Deep Blue Funk Films Inc. has been producing and presenting synchronicity experiments for the last few years. The term comes from a Jungian concept about a harmony of two otherwise unrelated events that occurs at a particular moment in time and space. In the context of the shows, the experimentation comes from putting together two otherwise unrelated artistic pieces - one musical and the other filmic - and observing how they "play" together. One could use the example of launching ships simultaneously across water, and observing how they move alongside one another.


Radiohead vs The Matrix
has recently been profiled by MTV (see the clip), mentioned online at the Filmthreat website,
received a rave review in the recent Westender, as well as many Radiohead sites including greenplastic and followmearound.

Radiohead's newest album Hail to the Thief is now being incorporated into the show.

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