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there is a rapidly growing community of synchronicity experimenters
out there in the expanding world ~ on the expanding web

check them out


the Synchronicity Arkive
the Whytless Phish
baker b
T.L.'s Cinesynchs
the AV Room
the Rush-Wonka Project
Key's Sync Archive
the Synching Ship
the Dark Side
Syncronicities of Pink Floyd in Space
the Kubrick - Floyd site
Kill Pop Radio - the NIN Metropolis Synch
Yes, I'm Cake

2% David's Unusual Synchs Site
the Film/Album Synchronicity Board
a Saucerful of Synchs
dark side of the rainbow - the definitive list
the other end of the rainbow - new addition



other links ~ related ~ serendipity ~ etcetera

carl jung
william s. burroughs
discovery article on synesthesia
synchronicity @ fUSION aNOMALY
peter russell - how to be a wizard

douglas gordon - minisite to the artist of 24hr Psycho
cinema and subjectivity - syllabus for course