Adrian Lyne's crazed flick - with it's drug-hell, Vietnam afterburners and death-in-a-handbag dementia - is given the Ween treatment. JACOB'S LADDER, a paranoid thriller if there ever was one - is going to be accompanied by the decayed sounds of Gene and Dean, otherwise known as WEEN. For those that know, you'll understand. What better soundtrack
than the pull-you-this-way-and-that drippings of "Chocolate and Cheese" followed by "Pure Guava"?
A psychotic synch of schizophrenic proportions. This is JACOB'S WEENER.


The Set-Up Cue the album Chocolate and Cheese to start precisely when the title " Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna Present" appears on screen - this title appears just before the title card. When the album ends, pause the movie, insert "Pure Guava" and unpause both simultaneously. The film and album should end at the same time.

Test The first song should end when the on screen dialogue says "Man that shit's something else."

Special Dialogue from the film is used and inserted as this synch progresses. Feel free to develop your own tastes in this matter. For the most part the film's sounds are only used as a bridge between the songs - though not always, and they are also occasionally used at other times.  

J A C O B ' S .......W E E N E R