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George Barron's Website on Fungi
Dave Fischer's Marvelous Mushroom Homepage
Tom Volk's Fungi
Nathan's Fungi Page

fungi images on the net
fungi photo - Taylor Lockwood
world of mushrooms (pics and stamps)
  Cornell Center for Fungal Biology
  Mycology OnLine - from the Univ. of Adelaide
  Mycology Resources - the WWW Virtual Library
  tree of life web project - follow to fungi section
  Natural Selection - BIOME the ultimate collection of fungal links
  Natural Perspective - the Fungal Kingdom
  The Microbial World - the Fungal Web
  FASEL - Fungal and Soil Ecology Lab from The Univ of Guelph
Forest Mycology Team
- Pacific NW Research - USDA Forest Service


online courses
Introductory Mycology - from Oregon State University
Magical Mushrooms and Mischievous Molds - course from George Hudler's book
Fungal Symbiosis - from George Wong's course at the U of Hawaii

Interactions of Plants and Fungi: Evolution - from Botany Online

special interest

sites to assist identification

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