listening to the irritating noises of dinosaurs


This synchronicity experiment features the evolution/dinosaur sequence from Disney's Fantasia, called The Rite of Spring.

Starting in the deepest reaches of the cosmos and travelling through the galaxies, past hurling fireballs and comets, we reach a lonely planet teeming with erupting volcanoes. The molten lava and ash fall into the ocean and the first signs of life begin to emerge. Slowly, vegetation follows and then fish, who begin their journey onto land. Dinosaurs roam the earth, the skies and seas - they've come out, multiplied and taken over.

The waters begin to dry and the dinosaurs begin to wander until at last they fall extinct.

New rumblings shake the Earth again...

  1. army of me
2. hyper-ballad
3. the modern things
5. enjoy
6. you've been flirting again
7. isobel

Bjork's album Post is played throughout the entire film, starting at the first moment of darkness. Only the fourth song is skipped.

The synchronicities are uncanny.